June | These are Three of my Favourite Things

I gather you can tell that I’m pretty determined to keep the dialogue going over here, new makes or not! Since I’ve been out of the “Sewing World” loop (or out of the weft…) for a little while some of my top favourite things may be old news for some of you lovely humans. Bear with me while I wax lyrically about things that make you yawn…

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Remember me? Me neither.

Since we last spoke I’ve somehow moved house twice, graduated university and done costumes for my first Fringe show(s). I’m a real life adult with two (and a half) proper grown-up jobs now and living that millennial side hustle life like I was born in 1992 (which I was). Sadly my own personal sewing got lost on the way a little. That isn’t to say I haven’t been sewing. The occasional blouse and A-line skirt (I know *yawn*) has made its way into my closet and I’m still committed to making more, buying less. But…let’s be honest, as thrilling as my sewing prose may be, there’s only so many A-line skirts a dear reader, such as yourself, can look at. …she says into the deafening abyss of silence.

image1 (2)

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people who occasionally drop by my little corner of the interweb. I’ll be honest and say that I’m breathing a big sigh of relief that 2016 is coming to an end. Personally and politically it has all been one great big pile of…dirty laundry! I know that this year hasn’t treated many people well and hope that the coming months bring us all some peace and happiness.


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Dr. Crane Will See You Now

It feels rather strange to only be sharing this with you now, but the embargo on a photoshoot that I had the immense pleasure of working on has finally been lifted! Before Christmas I had the opportunity to create a costume combining classic Batman characters with Jacobean elements. I hope you’ll enjoy the following photos and allow me to introduce you to the deliciously dark world of Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow.


Costume, incl. millinery, ruffs and magnificent cod piece // Nina Sidney
Acting // Joseph Jamfrey
Design // Will Hargreaves
Creative Direction // Mark Sephton, Creative Forager
Photography // Andy Bate
Make-up // Stacey Bedingfield
Editing // AUB Visual Communication Students

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Move over, darling, there’s a new favourite blouse in town!

A Christmas blouse, that is! I’ve never met a novelty print I didn’t like and after my first toile of Wearing History’s Smooth Sailing blouse went so well that I even wore it to uni (shh, it’s definitely  a faux pas to wear unbleached cotton) I decided I needed one in reindeer, snowflake and any Nordic pattern known to man kind. Too bad I ran out of time and only have this bit of loveliness to show for all my planning!


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Introversion and a First Look at Emery

Emery 1

Phew, phew! I’m coming off of a high of being unofficially back at university over the past two weeks. Being around a lot of people is very exhausting to this little introvert. I can easily talk to large groups of people and deal with their wants and needs, but by the end of the day I’m mentally dead and gone. Thus I’ve not had too much mental breathing room to do any of my own sewing.

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