Aster Sew Along + FBA Result

Aster Title

I’m scared of sewing for the top half of my body.

There. I said it.

A well endowed bosom, a small waist, may be considered excellent news figure wise, but in a world of patterns drafted for a B cup, it scares me! In costume we don’t tend to mess around with full bust adjustments and the likes for fittings, thus my standard fare had been, “Make up a bigger size and then adjust.” However, as I don’t have one to do a fitting with me this always ended in disaster!

Aster Side Back

I’m happy to report this is my first go at a blouse for myself as well as at the ever elusive FBA (full-bust adjustment) and you know what? I’m a convert! Sure the fit on this is by no means perfect, but it is a vast improvement on other attempts which have, time and time again, ended up in the bin.
Aster Branch Side

Of course this wouldn’t be a make by yours truly without some nit picking. I do believe the front of the bodice does still pull forwards a little too much and I should have rounded the darts differently as it rather *ahem* pointy!  Fun fact: the following photo looks rather bullet bra-esque. And sadly not in a glamorous way! I also created a bit of a mess while clipping a corner, but ah well! I decided not to make little shoulder pads to puff up the sleeve a little more and make the whole thing more “40s-esque” in my mind, but this may be an adjustment for the future.

Aster Side Acorn

This fabric did show me that my stash is a little out of control as I normally pride myself on knowing where and when I bought all of my fabric. Not this one! Either the story behind it is terribly dull or…I’ve had to free up valuable brain cells for remembering new acquisitions. Eeek! It is a rather nice cotton, linen effect with nice body to it.

Aster Seated Acorn

Aster Blouse // Me Made
Brooch // Vintage
Skirt // 20th Century Foxy
Shoes // Carvela Kurt Geiger
Stockings // Charnos 24/7

Originally the plan had been to use some lovely, massive, bright red, 1940s buttons with matching hand-made red buttonholes, but the humongous buttons in question simply overwhelmed the placket. Ah well, another project, another button. I am very happy with these quite plain ones. They do have a small flower printed on them, which you can’t quite spot in the photographs.

Aster Pattern

Stop the presses, before I end this can we take a moment to talk about Colette pattern packaging? I mean, they’ve been around for a while now and I’m sure this has been discussed to death, but I’ve only ever used their downloadable patterns and BOY, that stitching line on the back of the pattern, the way the instructions are bound in with the envelope, the extra space for notes! It’s quite simply a delight. I’m sure I’ll be making this particular pattern a few more times, though my heart is calling out for a nice 1940s collar at the moment.

Thank you so much for sticking around for a second post. Is your stash getting to a point where you can’t quite remember where you got certain things? Have you had any fitting revelations? Perhaps a rather pointed bust dart or two? 

Gruss und Kuss,

Fräulein Nina

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6 thoughts on “Aster Sew Along + FBA Result

  1. I JUST picked up the Aster pattern today, and found this via Pinterest. Your photos are making me want to make a plain white version, now! I was worried it would be too boring but your make has totally changed my mind!


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