Maroon Hatter at the Bridport Hat Festival

It’s become a bit of a tradition for the hubby and I to visit his mum’s town to partake in a very quirky little festival- the Bridport Hat Festival. Here we browse the amazing hats, very affordable vintage stalls and help out with some charity! It’s good fun and I always leave feeling like we stumbled home from Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow.

Hat Festival 1a

Dress // Vintage
Brooch // Vintage
Hat // Vintage
Shoes // Hudson
Stockings // Charnos 24/7

As usual it was a great turn out, although the weather turned chilly quite quickly. There’s a great variety of hat love on display from the silently quirky to the outrageous! I do wonder what people think who just happen to stroll into the town without knowing the festival is going on…

Hat Festival 2

My above facial expression definitely shows how much of a goof ball I am and how genuinely excited festivals get me. Especially ones about hats.

Hat Festival 3

We also got some tombola running in! You’d be surprised how many people will have a go if you mention that it’s for a good cause. My favourite moment were the two little girls who kept coming back with their dad and his comment on how they were clearly, “natural born gamblers.” Ha!

Hat Festival 5

How amazing is this hat? She rightly won first prize! So creative and well executed.

Hat Festival 4

Last, but certainly not least, here’s the hubby who was so kind to play my photographer for the day. Doesn’t he look handsome? He even bought a bow tie that wasn’t pre-tied and is hard at work learning how to tie it swiftly!

That’s all from me this week. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of sewing happening because I’ve hurt my hand a little. Hopefully I’ll be back in full force soon. Did you spot my new to me vintage acquisition? It’s an amazing, serendipitous find and deserves a blog post of its own, but you can probably catch a sneak peek on my instagram. *hint hint*

Does your town have any quirky events? Or do you have a secret-not-so-secret love of hats?

Gruss und Kuss,

Fräulein Nina

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