Dr. Crane Will See You Now

It feels rather strange to only be sharing this with you now, but the embargo on a photoshoot that I had the immense pleasure of working on has finally been lifted! Before Christmas I had the opportunity to create a costume combining classic Batman characters with Jacobean elements. I hope you’ll enjoy the following photos and allow me to introduce you to the deliciously dark world of Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow.


Costume, incl. millinery, ruffs and magnificent cod piece // Nina Sidney
Acting // Joseph Jamfrey
Design // Will Hargreaves
Creative Direction // Mark Sephton, Creative Forager
Photography // Andy Bate
Make-up // Stacey Bedingfield
Editing // AUB Visual Communication Students

I had initially hoped to be making a women’s costume in this unit, but when we stepped into the briefing room a long row of designs was laid out, face down “memory” style. One at a time we stepped forward to uncover who we would be spending the next few weeks creating (swearing at, bleeding on…). Nervously I went with my gut instinct and picked the first card my eyes fell on and a big sigh of relief escaped when I spotted my Scarecrow- a character I truly adore for his dark past and sadistic, psychological mind games.


Jonathan is no stranger to being the victim of sadism. Raised by his grandmother, a religious zealot, who would abuse and torment him for being born out of wedlock did not allow for a stable childhood. She would dress him in a suit, covered in a crow infuriating chemical, and allow the animals to tear into him.


Unfortunately there was no reprise from this torment to be found in the classroom as he was often verbally bullied for his lanky statue by being called Ichabod (Legend of Sleepy Hollow) or Scarecrow. Soon thoughts of revenge formed in his mind.


Troubling past aside Jonathan would become Dr. Crane, a brilliant psychology professor. His time at Arhkam Asylum led to experimenting on the patients using nightmare inducing fear gasses. At this stage he took on the pseudonym of “The Scarecrow”- combining both his childhood fears and the taunts of his peers.

Ironically this psychopathic sadist would end up as a patient in the very institution he used to oversee…

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into dear Dr. Crane’s past. Are you character focused in your making? Working on anything nightmare fuelling right now? I always like to dream up a little background story for whatever I’m working on. Please check out my fellow peers’ incredible work here.

Gruss und Kuss,

Fräulein Nina

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p.s. Check out my Instagram to see if I did the original design justice!






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