Silly Mistakes, Clever Fixes

I really wasn’t planning on sharing this simple, A-line skirt with y’all, but since I haven’t posted in an age and a half, (isn’t it annoying when bloggers apologise for not posting more often. Sorry!) I thought it was time.


This skirt did feature two lovely firsts for me- first time using applique and the first time I’ve pattern drafted for myself. Since it fit without any alterations I’ll consider it a success. Sure, it could be taken in a bit more at the waist, but it may be best to leave room for mince pies and mulled wine!

The fabric on this skirt is lovely and feels like a warm hug. Just the right thing for the nights getting colder. Unfortunately, the chap on Goldhawk Road did not have more than 0.75 metres to part with, so I had to make do with a different coloured waistband. The applique was a late addition since I needed some way to tie in the black waistband. Overall, I quite enjoy the quick fix. It definitely looks more interesting than a simple, grey skirt does!


The past few months have featured some changes for me. Please do bear with me while I get my bearings and adjust to my new life. Sewing has been of great comfort to me, even if I have been drowning in tailoring work at university.


Long-sleeve T-shirt // Lidl (yes, Lidl)
Hat // Me Made
Skirt // Me Made 
Shoes // Miss L-Fire
Brooch // Vintage

As always, sorry about how awkward I am on camera! Any wooly goodness you’ve made up in time for the chill? Things that have turned out better because you made a mistake while making or buying? 

Gruss und Kuss,

Fräulein Nina

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2 thoughts on “Silly Mistakes, Clever Fixes

  1. I love this skirt and the applique is just gorgeous! I hope you are overcoming the changes that have been happening lately and I agree that sewing helps to restore calm and a clear the mind. x


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