June | These are Three of my Favourite Things

I gather you can tell that I’m pretty determined to keep the dialogue going over here, new makes or not! Since I’ve been out of the “Sewing World” loop (or out of the weft…) for a little while some of my top favourite things may be old news for some of you lovely humans. Bear with me while I wax lyrically about things that make you yawn…

Seamwork Magazine

Besides trying ever so hard to save money this month (with some moderate success. Apparently I really needed the two tote bags I bought. What can I say…one of them has lemons on it…You expect me to resist spiffy lemons and lemonade jokes?) I finally signed myself up as a subscription for Seamwork Magazine. The magazine has always been a part of my regular sewing routine (and their Seamwork Radio Podcast deserves accolades of its own for causing many a laugh and AHA-moment), but I hadn’t gotten round to subscribing. The idea behind Seamwork is quick patterns that sew up in an afternoon and help you build a me-made wardrobe. Perfect for somebody who’s fallen out of love with their personal sewing time, right? The magazine is also full of ways to hack those patterns and build on them using techniques such as dyeing and embroidery.

Since it works similarly to an Audible subscription and you build up credits with your subscription it doesn’t mean you have to download whatever pattern every month. Brilliant amounts of freedom for me, who’s still personally thinking about what patterns to make rather than actually making them…

I do have a referral code for half off your first month of Seamwork Magazine here. discount code seamwork magazine

The Closet Historian’s Video on Asexuality

Happy pride month to all! As a solid 5 on the Kinsey scale, queer lady lover I was super happy to see so many people talk about LGBTQA+ topics over the past month. Asexuality is probably the one topic I know the least about and I thought Bianca‘s video was a super informative, interesting and brave foray into this topic.

I often watch her videos while trying to kick the good old sewing mojo in the butt and really enjoy her fabric halls and vintage fashion explorations. Her blog is also something to behold when it comes to pattern drafting skills and beautiful photos.

Gender and sexuality are probably my biggest other, “Things I nerd about on the regular,” topics next to sewing. Although most of the intricacies in those topics wouldn’t be of interest for this little space on the internet, it does feel important to remark on my own queerness and celebrate other people and their journeys!

Love to Sew Podcast

love to sew podcast

I don’t know if I’ve rambled about this before, but I love podcasts. I could postcast, podcast, podcast from the moment I brush my teeth to the moment my eyes close after a long day. In fact, I often do! Usually most podcast obsessions start with me typing whatever thing I’m currently researching like a madwoman into the search bar (enter anything from Weimar Germany to Wallis Simpson to Marxist Ideologies and William Morris). Naturally often my obsessions are sewing related (I know, shock horror, gee whizz), which is where this lovely podcast comes in with its back log spanning everything from an interview with Rochelle New to advice on how to step up your fit game.

As a lovely companion to my morning commute (Is it fancier if I call it a commute? I walk to work for half an hour, get excited by any squirrels that cross my path and ruminate at how nice it is to smell rain in the air) this gets me in the mood to sew and plan and dream long before I have the chance to get near my sewing machine.

I solemnly swear to get sewing (or at least PDF-pattern sticking or drafting) as soon as I post this!

Gruss und Kuss,


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