As a member of Generation Y I have, of course, had some form of a blog throughout my life. There was private journal blog, specific interest blog and angry feminist blog. I’m sure you’d all love to have a read of those, but that would make me cringe more than a little bit! When I took up sewing “properly” a couple of years ago much of my stumbling and inspiration was influenced by bloggers in the online community. I learnt a lot from your tutorials, sew alongs and even failings. It’s odd that I needed to start a degree in Costume in order to finally feel capable of joining the dialogue.

Whenever I walk through Hobbycraft I realise that my mother has had every craft based hobby known to man and I’m afraid that some of this has most definitely rubbed on to me. My first love is sewing, but I dabble, if not very well, in knitting, cross-stitching and…I suppose blogging!

I was born in Germany (hence the Fräulein), raised in America (don’t be alarmed when I use Yankee phrases) and shipped myself to jolly ol’ England at age eighteen. The running joke is that I came for love and stayed for the tea! Tea is forever.

I live in the Brighton and regularly battle the rain, the wind and the nosy neighbours. Here I am often found creating (and tidying) creative chaos in my  “flat with the dreamy windows.” While 1940s aesthetic in fashion, films and fellas makes my heart pitter patter, I have been known to flirt with the 30s and 50s from time to time. Smelling of moth balls may occur. I’m told it comes with the territory.

Make yourself comfortable and I hope you’ll stay a while!

Gruß und Kuss,

Fräulein Nina


p.s. My professional costuming portfolio can be found at www.ninasidney.com! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any reenactment, theatre or millinery needs.


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